Web page optimisation

Search engine optimisation

You already have a web page and would like to improve your position with Google?


No problem! Our web designers look at your page and then inform you of improvement suggestions, so that you can carry out this then, or they move immediately if you so wish.

Web pages optimisation

You should not only optimise for search engines, but also for your customers.


What is a good ranking in a search engine if your customer can not find anything on your page?

Our web designers analyze the structure of your page and help you to optmise in areas like data structure and user friendliness.

Our attainment

* Serious searching engine optimisation

* Page analysis

* Potential analysis

* Keywordresearch

* Keyword-optimisation

* Elaboration of a strategy and concept for "searching engine optimisation"

* Implementation of the compiled measures

* Optimisation of the page: ode, structure, design, content ...

* OffPage-optimisation of the webpage: Baking link construction, with good and sensible contents

* Realisation of out of vision bell-boy measures (ranking increase, link popularity ...)

* Optimisation of the contents for customers and search engine

* Equipment of statistics tools to the successful control


We do not give you a guarantee to land on the first side of Google with our suggestions!

The criteria for it are defeated by constant changes of Google, therefore, we can give no guarantee that you will come on the first page with your site.

Consultation optimisation

With questions for the searching engine optimisation and other optimisation you please take up contact with us, we discuss you with pleasure.

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